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We serve a range of organizations including financial institutions, investors, commercial and retail tenants, developers, business and property owners.

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The Real Estate market has become highly demanding, complex and fast paced, as real estate investor, your time is becoming increasingly valuable. Real Estate transactions can be pricey and highly complex and not having an experience partner can lead to costly lost opportunities or investing in properties that will generate less than the expected results. Owning and managing a property is no different than owning a business, our goal is to achieve the maximum returns on investments while maintaining positive tenants to prevent vacancies and lost revenue.

Investor Consultation Services

If investing in real estate appeals to you but owning and managing a property is not fit for you, instead, consider investing with Canadian Commercial Property Management Corp., which uses a turnkey real estate own and manage model. If you are ready to invest in real estate and create wealth, we help kickstart investors who are able to commit a minimum of $10,000 while expecting cash on cash return of up to 15% annually, all investments are backed and secured by real estate.

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CANADIAN COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CORP. is a full service professional company, specializing in commercial real estate by providing exceptional A to Z property management services.

Our Turnkey model succeeded specifically by focusing on all details of the day to day management, thus minimizing risks and maximizing profitability for investors.

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